Pyrgi hotel is situated in a charming position in front of the sea that bathes the town of Santa Severa. Risen on the rests of the ancient PYRGI, port of the Etruscan Caere (today Cerveteri) subsequently become colony Roman.
Of Etruscan age the rests of the sacred area have been puttinges in light, from which the gold sheets come bilinguist (Etruscan and punico) that have concurred ulterior progresses in the interpretation of the Etruscan language.




Pyrgi Hotel  has rooms provided with bathrooms up to a total of100 beds, a self-service kitchen or table service (at request), and of an enchanting sight on the sea.
L'HOTEL PYRGI dispone di 40 stanze, tutte con bagno, di differenti tipologie ma con in comune l'ambientazione confortevole e semplice: - stanze con balcone da cui si gode una spendida vista sul mare arredate in stile marin...
ALBERGO Pyrgi Mare S.R.L.S.


Hotel Pyrgi
Lungomare Pyrgi, 15
00058 - Santa Severa(Roma)
Tel: 0766570538
Fax: 0766570783